Farm Effluent Systems

dairy farm effluent systemsNorthland Farm Services, your local dairy farming partner, provides solutions for all your agricultural requirements including your farm effluent systems.

We provide irrigation systems by Hitech Enviro Solutions, Williams Irrigation, Pluck Engineering, Numedic and Reid & Harrison to name a few.

We also provide ISD Solids Separators.

Our effluent systems are designed to meet the clients requirements. After consultation with Northland Farm Services, the client can be assured of getting the best effluent system to suit their requirements.

Our effluent systems are based on the current Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) Design Code of Practice and the Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) Design Standards. These standards have been agreed by the New Zealand agricultural industry and we consider it essential to meet all of these and go beyond them when possible.

Uni Effluent SprinklerEach of our effluent systems consists of irrigation, sprinklers, Alkathene piping, hydrants, pods, and electric, PTO or fuel driven pumps, pontoons, pond stirrers and management systems. They may also contain a travelling irrigator, slurry tankers and solids separators depending upon your needs. Whatever you require, we can provide a complete and turnkey solution to your effluent concerns.

We are committed to your safety and the safety of your equipment operators and so our systems are tested extensively and are top of the line before we bring them to your farm. We are also committed to getting your system designed and running as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Our quality components mean your farm effluent needs will be met effectively over the long-term. We also stock any replacement parts that you may need over the years to come.

To begin with we will consult with you on the level of soil risk on your farm. We then work with you one on one to understand the specific issues in your situation that the system must answer. From there we will design your system, then work with you to ensure sustainability after installation. You can be confident with a Northland Farm Services effluent system.

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