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Puretec WS Series Washable Screen Cartridge, 2.5″ x 10″

$43.00 NZD $49.45 NZD inc GST

Washable Screen Sediment Removal Cartridge, 10 Inch, 60 Micron

The Puretec WS601, a washable screen cartridge, is ideal for the removal of high sediment and dirt, at a high flow rate. With a coarse filtration rating they are typically used for pump protection, aquaculture, etc. This cartridge is not recommended as a final filter for drinking water.External screen can be removed by unscrewing the end cap off the centre core cage, making this a long life filter that can be washed many times.

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• Designed for removal of high sediment and dirt at a high flow rate.
• Recommended for first stage filtration.
• Polypropylene body, Polyethersulfone mesh screen for longevity.
• Unscrews for easy cleaning and reuse.


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standard 2.5” x 10”


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