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Reducing Bush

$2.10 NZD$28.81 NZD

Used to reduce the size of Female Threads

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15x06mm, 15x08mm, 15x10mm, 20x08mm, 20x10mm, 20x15mm, 25x08mm, 25x10mm, 25x15mm, 25x20mm, 32x15mm, 32x20xmm, 32x25xmm, 40x15mm, 40x20mm, 40x25mmmm, 40x32mm, 50x15mm, 50x20mm, 50x25mm, 50x32mm, 50x40mm, 65x32mm, 65x40mm, 65x50mm, 80x40mm, 80x50mm, 80x65mm, 100x50mm, 100x65mm, 100x80mm

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