Water Filters

It is vital in New Zealand today to both protect the water supply and ensure it is clean, healthy and free of viruses, bacteria and waste.

With the new Sustainable Dairying Water Accord filtration and reuse will become even more important. Within the accord 85% of all dairy farms must have installed water meters by the year 2020.

Northland Farm Services, your local farming partner provides solutions for all your agricultural requirements including water filtration systems.

Our water filtration systems and fittings provide your farm with healthy water, which you give to your livestock and is what your family drinks.

Northland Farm Services can provide the system, you need. Give us a call and lets have a chat.

Latest News

Effluent water systems

When managed correctly, dairy effluent can be a valuable resource that can increase pasture production and reduce your fertiliser costs.

Riparian Planting- Planting to keep waterways clear

cabbage tree for riparian planting

Riparian management aims to reverse the impacts of land use by filtering out contaminants before they are able to reach the stream.

Water exclusion

Water exclusion is a hot topic for dairy farmers in New Zealand. Water exclusion will no longer be a permanent option for non-compliant water from the start of the 2014-2015 season.